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The+Roots+3faaf70779aa6911 The Roots   When The People Cheer

Once again for the worst blogger of the year award – myself.  I have all these cool things to blog, but between blogging over at Solange’s Saint Heron or on my friend and I’s site (that may have been politically incorrect) Technolochic which isn’t getting so much love either currently, I haven’t done so much blogging here.  Really need to work on that.

That being said, one of my most favorite groups ever is The Roots.  I’ve been a fan of The Roots forever.  They are one of my dad’s favorite groups too so we have these real cool jam sessions with them sometimes going through our favorites from their discography: The Tipping Point, Illadelph Halflife,  Things Fall Apart, How I Got Over. The Roots, who have been performing on the Jimmy Fallon show these last few years, are working on their forthcoming LP Then You Shoot Your Cousin.  

Given the title of the album, the album will have a darker sound for The Roots.  With their last effort, Undun, listeners were introduced to an album that you told a story backwards, this time, the album will take a satirical look at violence in our culture and in Hip-Hop.   From the project, the first release we are getting is “When The People Cheer.”  As always, the song combines great production and stellar verses from Black Thought.

“When The People Cheer” is from The Roots upcoming album which will be out May 13th on Def Jam.

Apr 2014 06

McCafeLogo McDonalds Free McCafe   Free Coffee Every Morning 3/31/14 to 4/13/14 #McCafe

If you’re like me, coffee in the morning is just like brushing your teeth – necessary to be the best you, you can be. I always say that I’m trying to cut coffee out of my diet however, I have yet to fully manage that – the headaches are severe and kill me every time.  Sometimes when I am on the road and attempting to get to work earlier than my coworkers, I tend to visit McDonald’s for one of my favorites, a Vanilla Iced Coffee, or an Iced Mocha. 

Clearly, McDonald’s who is one of the powerhouses and leaders in the Fast Food Industry, knows that there are millions of people like myself and from March 31 to April 13, they are hooking us up.  McDonald’s McCafe is inviting coffee drinkers around the United States to visit their local participating McDonald’s for a freshly brewed small McCafe coffee during the company’s first-ever national Free Coffee Event which is available from March 31 to April 13.

The jumpstart the campaign, McDonald’s is hosting a “Make Friends With McCafe” which will consist of sampling events at high traffic locations around the country.  The events will help to promote McDonald’s great coffee options while giving consumers free coffee and some prizes along the way.

Senior Vice President of McDonald’s says of this event, “McCafe enthusiasts can count on us surprising them in unexpected ways all year long.  We know our guests are busy and we hope McCafe can provide them with a taste they’ll enjoy at the moment when they need a pick-me-up to keep going with their day.”

Starting in mid-April, McCafé will also surprise a Twitter follower every day this year with McCafé coffee and prizes. Fans can also keep up with the conversations using the hash tag #McCafe or by following @McCafe.

McDonald’s launched its McCafé line-up in the U.S. in 2009. The collection included McCafé’s signature blend coffee and quickly expanded to include iced coffees, espresso-based drinks, such as lattes and mochas, blended-ice beverages including smoothies and frappes, triple thick shakes as well as limited-time seasonal offerings.

That being said, if you want to join in with the McCafe events and free coffee – Make sure to post a photo of your favorite McCafe drink and use the hashtag #McCafe or tweet @McCafe with a picture.  If you do this and you are selected – you could win a year of free coffee and other prizes.  Also, while you are at it, make sure to follow @McCafe

This post was created in partnership with McDonald’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

bAH7 WOv1 McDonalds Free McCafe   Free Coffee Every Morning 3/31/14 to 4/13/14 #McCafe

Mar 2014 14

doghouse Elli Ingram   C Dawha(Prod. Felix Joseph & Aston Rudi)

Elli Ingram’s music can easily be summed up in one word, “LOVE”,  Since discovering Elli last year with many others for her Kendrick Lamar/Janet Jackson fusion track “Poetic Justice” as well as her EP Sober, which penned my jam “Elliot.” Ingram, is now releasing new music in the form of “C’ Dawha”.  For the track, Eli hooked up once again with producers Felix Joseph and Aston Rudi, and this track is great.  It’s an example of what people can expect from Eli’s upcoming project The Doghouse, which should be out soon.

Check the track below and if you like it, download it.  It’s available for free download.

Last week, I had the opportunity to check out the group Moonchild in San Francisco on their tour stop.  Let’s just say, listening to them on wax is a completely different experience than seeing them live.  Yes, on wax they are great.  The lead singer’s voice is beautiful, the instrumentation is lovely, but seeing them live is a whole experience.  They are AMAZING live all of those words were meant to say.  In the middle of their show they had this horn section break that blew my mind, which was followed by them performing a song and the lead singer going between singing and playing the horn which I felt was awesome.

Later this month, Moonchild will be releasing their forthcoming album, Please Rewind, based on stickers they got that they were placing all over during tour stops.  The album serves as the follow up to their 2012 album Be Free, which I got introduced to and fell in love with last year. Here s the official video for “Nobody,” and it’s lovely.  I’m such a fan.  Make sure to pre-order Please Rewind LP via iTunes.


Mar 2014 11

I’m a pretty big fan of SBTRKT to the point that every time I have witnessed SBTRKT live, I’ve got whiplash.  Think I’m joking, but you shouldn’t.  I don’t really joke about things like that.  Anywho, in some secretive SBTKRT styling, here’s a new EP that appeared the middle of the morning, Transitions.

Super cool.  Listen and download below.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I’m back to blogging on here.  Let’s see how long this lasts however.

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