Dec 2012 01

bilal the retrospection e1354310101180 Bilal   Too High (Stevie Wonder Cover)

A few nights ago, I started my Bilal binge going through everything from Love For Sale, and 1st Born Second .  I forgot how many jams those albums have especially Love For Sale, which has consecutive jams in a row — “Something To Hold On To” followed by “You’re All I Need” followed by “Gotsa Be Cool.”  Now, the singer is unleashing his version of Stevie Wonder’s classic, “Too High.”

The song produced by Madlib’s jazz outfit, Yesterdays New Quintet, will be making it’s home on Bilal’s upcoming experimental soul mixtape, The Retrospection, which will be released next week on December 5th.  The mixtape is being used to build the anticipation for his upcoming album A Love Surreal, which will be released February 2013.  Definitely excited for that.

Bilal is currently on tour.  Make sure to follow tour dates here.

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