Nov 2012 21

Yesterday, I tweeted about singer Alice Russell who will be at ArtDontSleep’s “That 70’s Soul” in Los Angeles happening December 16th (see post here) Now, the singer is releasing the first single, “Heartbreaker” from her upcoming album To Dust, which will be entering stores February 2013.

To Dust, will be Russell’s first solo album since her 2008 release Pot of Gold, and if this song is any indication of of what we can expect from the album — it should be great. The song is said to highlight the cutting edge production and eclectic influences and a love of vintage soul which is at the core of Russell’s sound. Russell explains that the song is a broken hearteed love song about the demise of a relationship. “It’s about that time when you’re just emotionally exhausted, you know you just to let go, you are resigned to it all being over.”

The video stars actor Harry Shearer who is known for being the voice behind some of our favorite Simpsons’ characters.

MAN, Alice’s voice. AMEN. Purchase the single via ITunes here, or via Amazon here. Also, you can check out the “Heartbreaker” remix here. 

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