Oct 2012 29

1754512565 1 Beat Tape: MKSB   The COOL2CHILL BEATTAPE

Talk about being in love.

While cruising on BandCamp tonight because I’m sitting here NOT watching my San Francisco Giants (I’m loyal to my soil, but baseball is like kickball with a bat and balls in the air) and I’m in pain because my back is like out or something — either lack of Yoga, sitting too straight, or being a woman with mountains on my chest (TMI) I came across this super cool project from Southern California based producer MKSB.

This project definitely makes me super excited.  Typically, I either love or hate beat tapes– most of the time, don’t really like, but this makes me feel some kind of way.  Great great project.  Make sure to back track into other music from MKSB here as well.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I think that this cat is one of the best producers I’ve come across. I have expressed it to him, but sometimes I don’t think he fully listens. His soul soars over music, I am critical of beats, because as an MC the music I write to is just if not more important at times than the lyrics I’m writing. The beat tells me what to write, it speaks to me in a way that only real music can. So when I came across Matts beats, I too felt what you felt. So I know exactly what you mean. If your are into hip hop this is my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/danieldupuymusic?feature=guide I released my first mixtape, and I am working on my second and several songs are on Matts beats, he is very open and willing to let artists use his material. It shows that he does this for the love of the music more than the money making ability. Which is the same reason i choose to rap and write music. NIce blog post!!!

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