Feb 2012 29

Well, today, XXL released their infamous Freshman List, and once again, this list has epically fell.  As a long time reader of XXL, and that girl who used to get geeked to see some of her favorite emcees reflected on the cover of magazine, and the panel discussion on the inside of the pages with the emcees– that was cool.  Now, the list seems more like a branding thing more than an list for those who are dope emcees. There are definitely exceptions on the list– for sure Danny Brown who is dope.  There’s  Roscoe Dash, who I don’t necessarily think is dope, or necessarily thought was a rapper– but, I get it.  He’s relevant right now, so it makes sense so does Machine Gun Kelly, and I guess Iggy?

All of that was used to say, the day that I have these conversations with people about how it seems like hip-hop is a dying art form because it’s not really about lyrics anymore it’s about people with good publicist, I get sent this track by Marcel over at Whutupdoe.  Here is new music from Michigan based Red Pill and Hir-O in the form of “Something Like 50 Years.” The track, speaks to the two being slept on so much that they created their own world.  Red Pill was featured on HipHopDX, and spoke about his upcoming collaborative effort with Hir-O,

“It is . . . I don’t know how to give a percentage. It’s very close [to be doing]. I literally have two hooks and like two and a half verses to write and it’ll be done. I have a deadline of the end of this weekend to be done with the writing, and then one more recording session, and then just mixing and mastering. We’ve been working on the album for close to a year [and] talking about it for a little longer than that, so it’s taken a long time. That’s part of the balancing act that we go through. Hir-O works at a non-profit in Detroit. I’m working at the axle plant, so you know, it’s hard to get everything going, but it’s very close and we’re really excited to put it out.”

Dope, make sure to check out the video above also,  make sure to stay up to date with their release.  If you’re going to be at SXSW, Red Pill will be performing at The WhutupDoeshowcase, that I’ll be at LOL (sorry to include myself like that hella overly excited).  Make sure to find out all information about The Showcase here.


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