Feb 2012 26

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Perhaps, I’m an old soul or so I’ve been told which could be why I like a lot of real vintage music.  Not sure, but anyway, I’ve been listening to this music a lot lately so I thought why not make a little playlist since everyone keeps asking me what I’m listening to.  This mini mix includes, one of my favorite voices Ms. Minnie Riperton, The Isley Brothers, Roy Ayers, Foster Sylvers and Frankie Beverly & Maze.

I love this Roy Ayers song because it goes on forever, yet keeps you intrigued the whole way through.  That’s the funny thing about music these days, some of it doesn’t keep listeners intrigued past three minutes, just showing the different times in music– or the music we have now verses real music back in the days.  Don’t know.

Track List:
1. Misdemeanor- Foster Sylvers (really, the Sylvers)
2. I Am Your Mind Pt. 2- Roy Ayers
3. For The Love of You- The Isley Brothers
4. Every Time He Comes Around- Minnie Riperton
5. Sunshine (Go Away Today)- The Isley Brothers (one of my favorite Isley Brother songs ever– 3+3 = great album)
6. Lovin’ You- Minnie Riperton
7. Stormy Monday Blues- Minnie Riperton/Rotary Connection
8. That’s The Way I feel About Cha- Aretha Franklin
9. Yearning for Your Love- The Gap Band
10. Every Time I See You- Roy Ayers
11. We Are One – Frankie Beverly & Maze

Download the playlist here, I am completely aware of the fact there’s no pretty numbering or anything of that sort, impulsive post here icon biggrin Memory Lane Sundays [download]

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